SimpliQ : A quality monitoring tool which replace conventional business process and improve monitoring business task and overall organisation productivity with shareable realtime analytics to the clients.

Transforming conventional business process with multiple client type structure was completed using Agile development process of this solution for well established QDegrees Quality Monitoring Services company, where we

  • intersect all diff client type and their business outcome acceptance standard to find common core formula for end to end business process cycle completion
  • find best optimal resource utilisation methods that later converts in algorithm for how to use this new platform
  • understand compliance and analytics formulas as a common dashboard for all clients by several round of discussion with Qdegrees


We provide a SaaS solution for QDegrees so that can replace their conventional quality monitoring business process where they are using MS office and manual analytics and communication within and with the clients. We implement Agile mechanism to develop this exclusive solution where we

  • gather requirements in module
  • design and structure the tech architecture of module and test it for business and operational feasibility then develop it and integrate it
  • get all business outcome analytics and dashboarding formulas then convert it into interactive graphical representation based on real time captured data
  • provide right structure for business data accessibility on various levels of organisation and with their clients


With various surprises in requirement due to vast complexity of the solution we deliver first phase of the solution within 40 days only. By impelling 100% in business solution Qdegrees not only productivity of entire business process also it improves business data analytics for their their client business outcome, 100% utilisation of resources with accountability and most important open new doors for new clients as well.

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