Birla White E-Rawanna System : A advance and reliable system that connect Govt. Mining Dept. Authority Server and internal ERP for seamless transactions for raw material procurement

Transition tasks list that have been implemented, such as:

  • Get all the compliances detail of Govt. Mining Dept. Authority Server and compliances of internal ERP
  • Convert all compliances in algorithm with precise input and output credibility
  • Develop a platform that install on-site of the lease and generates the Govt Approved E-Rawanna with pinpoint accuracy of inputs


Taknik Bharti provide a intermediate solution to Birla white Cement for their raw material procurement from mining lease. Where all the compliances of Mining dept. of Govt followed including

  • without tempting actual weight from physical port of the system
  • 2 side camera capture images, converted and hash for api call
  • get pre-rawanna information form internal ERP after approval
  • send all compliance and approved inputs data to Govt. server endpoint
  • get confirmation from Govt. server endpoint and keep in accounts for further analysis


With the help of this intermediate platform b/w organisation ERP and Govt. Royalty Authority server Birla white cement can continue their production in plant 24x7 with 100% availability of raw material.

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