Product Engineering

Combining the power of various technologies, Lean Agile development techniques, and a diverse team with deep technical knowledge and experience allows us to provide a unique approach to make sure your Dream Product gets done as quickly, professionally, and economically as possible. Our customers range from smaller startups looking for help with working through a feature backlog as they scale, to larger established firms that need to refactor a legacy code base and build new features.

The stages and deadlines for implementation of each project depend on the type of the design and nature of the set tasks. In order to best meet the customer’s needs, we make each development stage absolutely transparent. Creating a product design/development requires careful consideration of every detail. Such a work includes:

  • Preparation. You fill in the brief form, we define the business task of the project together, examine, and analyze similar competitive sites.
  • Discussion. The process involves not only designers, but also the leader that is leading the project along with technologiest. At this time, original ideas/business operations/features are generated and the structure, UI/UX, system deseign, usability, and many other things are worked out.
  • Model creation. At this stage, it is decided where the main elements of the product development will be located and how they will look best fit in development sprint. A comfortable and user-friendly navigation is also developed here. The result is several design and development sprint plan variants.
  • Approval. Here you assess how the updated appearance and development stages of the Internet resource corresponds to the corporate spirit of the company. If necessary, some changes are made.

We provide END - To - END product development services for your Business.

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